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Uploading content

Welcome to the project to preserve and document correspondence from October 7

We invite you to upload content independently.

Answers to questions and instructions accompany the form and the content upload process.

In any case, we are here for any questions.

Your participation is important and meaningful

Preservation of personal and collective memory - the contents you share can benefit you and future generations in understanding history from a personal and unique point of view

Contribution to research and commemoration - in the future, the archive will serve as a rich source of information for researchers, teachers, and various communities around the world.

Opportunity for impact - your participation will allow you to take an active part in preserving culture and history and influence the way these events are remembered.

Need help?

Frequently Asked Questions - Check out our Q&A database

Instructions for uploading files - for a detailed guide on how to upload content

Contact - for further assistance and support from our team

Community managers and coordinators who are interested in the association's representatives coming to assist the community members in downloading the contents, are invited to contact us through the contact form

For returning participants
If you have already participated in the project and have additional content to share, or you have to sign a sharing agreement, we invite you to use the following links:
Uploading files - for those who have already filled out the form and want to upload additional content.
Signing a sharing agreement - to confirm your continued participation and sharing of the content you have chosen

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